Panto 2018

Treasure Island The Panto by Richard Lloyd

Performances Thursday 29th, Friday 30th Nov & Saturday 1st Dec (2 performances)

Director: Alison Rogers
Musical Director Max Sasim

  • Cast:

Billy Fishbones – Steve Powell
Jim Ladd – Katy Emms
Mrs Ladd – Justin Clinch
Dr Liversausage – Richard Rhodes
Squire Polperro – Steve Powell
Nancy Polperro – Louise Bayliss
Bodmin – Summer Wayman
Captain Smellit – Jack Orr
Long John Slither – Stephen Rockell
Captain Haddock – Freddy Rogers
Israel Feet – Jon Holden
Groundbait – Jill┬áLabron
Blind Puke – Alan Frost
Pink Dog – Theo Read
George Merry – Carol Bader
Don Iguana – Alan Frost
Donna Estella – Charlotte Dodds
Bertha Gunn – Jocelyn Pearce


Our Madam Director (in brown) circa 2006

Happy Every After 2

And as a witch (in light grey) circa 2013

Jim Ladd

Character profile #1 Jim Ladd

Lives with his mother, Dame. Works at the family pub; The Admirable Bimbo. Has a bit of a thing for Nancy, although her dad, Squire Polperro does not approve.

Nncy Polperro

Character profile #2 The Honourable Nancy Polperro

Nancy is the gorgeous and glamorous daughter of Squire Polperro. Nancy and Jim are in the throes of a romantic relationship, but are trying to keep it quiet from Squire Polperro as he would have Jim flogged if he was caught.


Character profile #3 Mrs Ladd

Mrs Ladd is Jim’s mother. She is a hoot and will squeeze a double entendre into any available space (oo-err missus!). This is a big part (oo-err again. R u getting the picture?) and will be sure to steal the show!

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Character profile #4 Squire Polperro

Squire Polperro is Nancy’s public school educated father and is fiercely protective of her. He doesn’t much care for her romance with Jim Ladd. He is a ship owner and is keen to find out what the treasure map may reveal.

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Character profile #5&5a Newquay and Bodmin

This double act are in the employ of Squire Polperro. They get a bit fed up with the menial tasks they are always having to perform, and the fact that nobody knows which one is which.

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Character profile #6 Pink Dog

Definitely one of the lads, but female. She is thoroughly villainous possibly in a slightly smouldering way.

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Character profile #6 Long John Slither

LJS is an extremely charming, but totally untrustworthy amputee of the seven seas. He is everything you want a good pirate to be.


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Character profile #7 Billy FishbonesChimichangaDies on page 13.

Dies on page 13

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Character profile #8/8a Don Iguana Del Anaconda Con Queso Donna Estella Del Torremolinos y Chimichanga

These characters appear in Act 2 and move the plot along in a fairly unexpected direction.

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Character profile #9 Captain Haddock

Small part, yet absolutely key. Requires dressing up. Non human.