A Night of Deception – 2016

A Night of Deception
West Wycombe Village Hall

The Masque Players, together with their youth group Masquerade offered an evening of intriguing entertainment with two interesting plays.

Dead Ringer
Featured a wife endeavouring to contact her dead husband to ascertain where the family
fortune had gone by the use of a Medium Madame Petrova but all was not as it seemed. Someone else had died in his place and he was very much alive and as the action unfolded there was more than one twist to the tale making this a surprising story. Well performed by a strong cast it was good to see that there are still parts for the more mature actors and Masque Players use their experience to offer a variety of talent to add depth to the story. Directed by Vicky Gomm this was a well chosen and well presented play.

The Mobster Bride
Directed by Lucy Churches who runs the Masquerade it was also written by Lucy who shows considerable talent and I hope she will continue to write plays for the youth group. A mobster family has the daughter falling for a Detective and endeavouring to arrange her wedding with the background of her family carrying out a robbery which is being investigated by her husband to be. The twists and turns left the audience wondering whether or not the wedding would ever take place. The youngsters played their parts with enthusiasm and talent and it is good to know that the future of the group is in safe hands. An enjoyable evening of thought provoking entertainment.

Rita Carpenter.