Calendar Girls – 2013

May 2013

Bucks Free Press Review:

The Masque Players chose this very popular play which has been the choice of several amateur groups in this area.

Each of the groups had at least one member touched by cancer and each performed in memory of that person or persons.

The Masque Players wished to remember George Churches the young son of one of the members making the production more poignant for the actors. Cleverly directed by Sheelagh Jones with a very strong cast the humour was brought to the fore tinged with the sadness attached to the story.

At no time did it become maudlin and the action was carried along involving the audience. Whether this was because it was staged in a village hall instead of a theater I am not sure but the audience were 100% behind each of the ladies and as they tastefully disrobed for the calendar each one elicited a round of applause from the audience. The set was well designed and the excellent lighting together with good sound and appropriate music throughout added well to the atmosphere. With a large cast it is not possible to mention them all by name.

They were well cast and credit must go to the director for this. The gradual deterioration of John was sensitively portrayed and the grief of his wife came to the fore without being over the top. All the supporting ladies were magnificent together with the three men. I have seen this play several times in the past year but this was the one that moved me most. Whether it was because it was set in a village hall which made it more personal but it was an excellent production.