Cinderella 2016


West Wycombe Village Hall

Written and Directed by Justin Clinch and with the help of two producers Lynn Rockell and Victoria Gomm, Justin together with Stephen Rockell, became Bunion and Verruca the very glamorous ugly sisters. Sarah Dobson made a very sweet Cinderella with Sarah Cook a credible Prince Charming. Tom Curtis played Buttons with style and knew just how to work the audience. The chorus were delightful with some interesting choreography from Jenni Martin. The supporting cast all played their parts well and Lewis Harvey-Mott and Alfred Hurst as Snatchit and Grab respectively were the villains of the story. Although the audience did not have many opportunities to hiss and boo the baddies they were very receptive with the ‘Oh no he didn’t Oh yes he did’ and joined in with gusto. The costumes in the ballroom scene were particularly gorgeous and Cinderella’s ball gown was dazzling. There were plenty of jokes throughout, some very clever, and others the sort that make the audience groan, but the script was well written and credit must go to Justin for all that he has accomplished in this lively pantomime. The sets were good and the scene changes slick throughout with no obvious pauses. All in all this was a very good way to start the Christmas Season and a most enjoyable performance which delighted the audience.

Rita Carpenter
Bucks Free Press.