Last Panto in Little Grimley – 2012

July 2012

Bucks Free Press review:

MASQUE Players together with their youth group Masquerade presented two one act plays. The first performed by the adult group was written by David Tristram, and is one of the Little Grimley  Trilogies.  Directed and produced by Alan Frost this very funny play was well acted by the four members of Masque Players.

Members of a drama group endeavouring to put on a play with only four members one of whom considers herself something of a singer and wants to stage a musical the idea was made funnier by the fact  that there were not enough members to put together even a play let alone a musical.  A strong cast and some interesting performances.

The second play was written and directed by Justin Clinch who now runs the youth group. It was a clever idea about a supposed lottery winner and all the friends, relatives and hangers on who come  out of the woodwork to lay claim to a part of the money even going so far as to creep in during the night to try to steal, the winning ticket.
It had good pace and the youngsters enthusiasm shone through. The youth group have some very promising youngsters and I hope they will continue as they are the adult group of the future. From the audience reaction it was evident that both plays were very well received and the group will be looking forward to commencing rehearsals for their annual pantomime.