Life’s a Panto & A Revue Take 2 – 2014




West Wycombe Village Hall

17th July 2014-07-19

Thank you for the warm welcome Lynn always gives us and for the excellent seats you always save for us.

A Revue Take 2

My Blackberry is frozen

Although this is quite a good sketch the pace was a trifle slow and something more lively would have been better to open the show.

The sketch with Stephen and Justin although performed superbly as both are great comedy actors, I felt this was not an appropriate sketch considering this was a showcase for Masquerade which meant there were many youngsters in the audience.  I have seen this sketch before but it would have been better kept for a more adult evening, I only hope it went over the heads of the youngsters in the audience.

Pearl Chubb gave us two funny Joyce Grenfell sketches which always go down well but at times I felt I was the only one in the place who laughed out loud perhaps because I am a fan of her work which is very clever.

The sketch of the Invisible man by Stephen and Justin was excellent and elicited much laughter from the audience.

The World War 1 tribute was superb.  The use of a screen to project harrowing images made it all the more poignant, I imagine there weren’t many dry eyes in the audience and it had me fighting back tears. I thought it was very clever to merge the two songs together and was surprised how well they fitted.

Alison, and Jenni’s solos were marred by the fact that the microphone was not working.  They both started off a little hesitantly but gained confidence and gave good performances.

Vikki’s rendition of Let it Go from Frozen was superb, she doesn’t need a mike and has a great voice which she used to its best advantage, a brilliant way to finish the first half.

Life’s a Panto

Justin, this was your best one yet, it was a clever script and certainly show-cased the talent the group has. There were some very good performances.  I the opening was ingenious and Charlotte gave a strong performance as the Director. Freddy threw himself into his role (literally) and was very funny. It was clever casting to have Katie as the sound girl and Chloe as lighting girl, George thought they were twins and was very surprised to learn they were not! They both played their parts extremely well.  Archie’s performance was impressive and Toby who played so many parts it was amazing.  He is a great little actor and I loved it when he had to play a soldier on both sides and fight with himself. Charlotte ‘Lemon’ was fantastic as the petulant girl pretending to be a princess and caused much laughter both with her demeanour and her expressions. The other member of the Reed family Ollie, skilfully played the drunken stage manager.  Sarah enthusiastically played her part as Tumbles and Jack Flynn obviously one of the older members gave a polished performance changing his persona with ease. Matt Britt was appealing as the Dame’s personal assistant and a very brief appearance by Vikki completed the cast.

All in all this was a very entertaining evening especially the second half, and the members of Masquerade especially Justin are to be complimented. Occasionally one or two of the boys were over exuberant but I remember someone else who used to be the same so it is hardly surprising!  Keep up the good work Justine it gets better each year.

Rita Carpenter.

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Life’s a Panto


A Revue Take Two

West Wycombe Village Hall

For their summer production the Masque Players presented a double bill. The main event was to showcase Masquerade the youth part of the group with a play written by their Chairman Justin Clinch who also runs the youth section we were treated to an evening of enjoyable entertainment.  The first half was a series of sketches and songs from the main group.  Especially poignant was their Remembrance of World War 1 with poems, letters and songs.  A screen to one side of the stage projected some very graphic images of what it was like for the soldiers. This was a very moving experience.  The first half closed with a stunning solo from Vikki Gomm chairman of Masque Players who gave us a rendition of ‘Let it Go’ from Disney’s new film Frozen.

The second half was presented by the youth group Masquerade. It depicted a small village hall, a struggling director and her rather unreliable and unruly members  as she endeavours to pull together a decent cast for her annual pantomime. It was funny, well written and the youngsters were well cast.  There is a considerable amount of talent in the youth section which bodes well for the future of the group.  Their enthusiasm shone through and it was a very enjoyable experience.

Rita Carpenter.