Still Life – 2012

April 2012

Bucks Free Press review:

WRITTEN by Noel Coward as a one act play it later became the full length film Brief Encounter. Telling the story of the forbidden love of Laura and Alec both married but not to each other.  The play enlarges on the story line by adding two further romances between Myrtle and Albert and also Beryl and Stanley who all worked in the railway cafeteria.

Sheila Jones making her debut as a director was excellent ensuring the action ran smoothly and effortlessly throughout. The audience were seated at tables depicting the restaurant car and the  action takes place in the refreshment room of the station.

The set was beautifully designed and a special mention should go to Mick Randall for his superb authentic stove in the waiting room. It was hard to believe that it was made from hardboard with the  chimney erected from a roll that came from the inside of a carpet.  It looked so real and with a door that opened enabling coal to be placed inside was an added bonus. There was a screen erected above and to the side of the stage onto which pictures were projected  cleverly showing the budding romance between Laura and Alec.

With a large and very strong cast it would not be fair to single anyone out for special attention, suffice to say that everyone of them played their parts impressively. Lighting, sound a visual  effects were all to a professional standard and the trains rushing past the window with the lights flashing through the glass, added to the atmosphere.

The Masque Players interpretation of this interesting play was one of the best things they have performed for quite some time. Well done, keep up the high standard you have set yourselves.