The Beauty Sleeping – 2015

West Wycombe Village Hall

It’s pantomime season “Oh yes it is” and the Masque Players offered a story loosely based on the well-known fairy tale. Ably directed by Sheelagh Jones with some interesting choreography from Emma Barr for the delightful dancers of the Barr Academy of Performing Arts. The little bats came amongst the audience to hand out sweets which was a nice touch instead of the sweets being hurled into the audience which can always be a little tricky. We were entertained by the usual good fairy who was very amusing, the wicked fairy that everyone likes to boo and hiss, the dame with flamboyant costumes and wig and all the other characters the audience have come to expect in the story. Continuity was cleverly presented by the very confident Fiddle and Tinkle the dame’s two sons. A special mention must go to Matt Britt who understudied every role and stood in for actors who were unable to attend rehearsals (no mean feat). The music was lively and the singing enthusiastic. The costumes provided by Sue Britnell and the cast were colourful and appealing. The audience who turned out on such a cold wet night were very vocal in their appreciation and a bright and engaging finale sent everyone out feeling uplifted.