The Book Club of Little Witterington – 2015

Masque Players

Dashwood Arms Piddinton 

16th July 2015 

The Book Club of Little Witterington

It was a lovely setting and just the right evening for an open air production .

The set design  by Louise Bayliss and the excellent backcloth painted by landlord Wayne Mitchell set the tone for the play. It was well directed by Sheelagh Jones and the pace was smooth and efficient.  The cast were strong each bringing their own personality to the play.

Rochelle Watson as Jenny was convincing, the contrast of efficiency with a gentle demeanour gave the part its meaning.

Pearl Chubb a stalwart of the group was both bossy and under confident in turn,  a good performance as Belle

Maya Smith added much to the play with her hippy not of this world demeanour giving humour to the role.

Jocelyn Pearce was impressive as Sarah the fading star, but the accolade for this play must surely go to Mandi McDermott as Paula the rough diamond who horrified Belle as the others warmed to her with her very down to earth performance.

The laughs came thick and fast and it was obvious that the audience loved it.


The Director


This did not run as smoothly as the first play and tighter direction would have improved it.

Not so well cast but each actor did well.

Andy Scott as the rather fussy and temperamental director gave an interesting performance.

Max Sasim was superb as the cameraman he had the best lines throughout and made the most of every one of them

Rochelle Watson gave a good performance as the Girlfriend and Matt Britt as the lover although looking rather young for the part did his best.

Alfie Hurst was well cast and impressive as the boyfriend,  but the one who shone in this play was Barry Evans, it may have been a small part but he was excellent , convincing and very funny.


All in all this was a good evening’s entertainment and I hope The Masque Players use this venue for another open air production next year.


Rita Carpenter