The Wicked Witches Of OZ – 2014

West Wycombe Village Hall

The Masque Players together with their Youth Group Masquerade offered an interesting alternative to the usual traditional pantomimes. Directed by Sheelagh Jones with some great lighting and sound and superb backdrops it was a different version to the usual Wizard of Oz. With two witches one good and one not so good together with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and a sweet little Lion who had lost his way from Narnia and wanted to get home, the audience were taken on a journey from the Farm, through the Woods to the Emerald city but no necessarily in that order. The costumes were gorgeous and I particularly liked the Munchkins outfits. There was the usual audience participation with some amusing heckling from members of the audience and the singing competition from each side of the audience giving the performance a feel of panto but with a difference. The programme and ticket design were superb and of a really good quality and the lively finale had the audience clapping along. The pantomime season has well and truly started.

Rita Carpenter.

Toto 007